DIY False Eyelashes – Intensify Inexpensibly

By on 8-28-2014 in Beauty, Money Savers

DIY False Eyelashes – Intensify Inexpensibly


Hello! This is a DIY false eyelashes guide.

I wanted to share a tip to those of us who like to wear makeup, whether it’s on occasion or on the daily.

Instead of buying false eyelashes (and often times having to buy the special glue to be able to put them on is an additional purchase), follow this DIY false eyelashes guide!

DIY False Eyelashes


  • ¬†Any brand of mascara
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  • 1 cotton swab (“Q-Tip”)
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cotton swab

  • baby powder
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    baby powder

    Steps / Procedure / Process / What to do
    1. Apply mascara to your eyelashes. We will put it on again later, so do not layer the mascara on just yet.

    2. Use a cotton swab to put baby powder on eyelashes. The baby powder should make your eyelashes white.
    *(Tip: Start off with just enough coverage, go to step 3, and then come back to this step if intensity is not enough. Everybody has different tastes!)

    3. Put on more mascara.


    So, mascara + cotton swab + baby powder = WOW! Inexpensively intensified eyelashes :)

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